Stiftung Reemtsma (BE)
Golfclub Sempachersee, Sempach (CH)
Electric power station (CH)
Ericusspitze Hamburg (DE)
ADA university Baku, Azerbaijan (AZ)

Kaifu-Sole Bäderland, Hamburg DE

One of Hamburg’s most popular swimming pools, on the Hohe Weide road, has been completely redesigned and rebuilt in the recent years. The historic building structure of 1895 was largely preserved. The construction work was extremely complex and difficult, because the 120 year old swimming pool was not only very old, but also unsuitable for use as a brine bath. The high salt content of six per cent has a strong influence on normal metal constructions. The swimming pool roof is therefore spanned by a high-vaulted wooden structure, which opens the view into the sky at several places through large windows. The roof construction was clad with new and additionally sound-absorbing ceiling panels, which corresponded in their original state to the form.

Richard Bland Ernst Hall, USA

This was a building renovation project to upgrade the Ernst Hall that was originally built in 1967. This included a complete reconstruction of a 225 seat auditorium space. Considerable attention was given to the design and layout for attention to acoustical detail. The aesthetic matches colors and bands of laminates that are used elsewhere in the building. The design also incorporates a centerpiece with the seal of the university routed into the wood panels at the stage wall and the MDF painted with black paint.

WPZ Blumenrain, Zollikon

The realization of an acoustic project in a contemporary residential and care centre at the location ‚Blumenrain‘ in ‚Zollikon‘, which perfectly meets the required requirements. A new space is now available for more than a hundred people in need of care, which creates an adequate and pleasant environment and adapts to future developments. Architecturally ordinary and acoustically effective, are the Perforated wall panels in ‘Cemspan’ which are the sound absorbers in the corridors.


The great designed office rooms are located in Israel and belong to Palantir Technologies group, who is US based company established in 2004 by former Pay-Pal peoples.
The company is one of the largest software developer for financial and security systems.

Schoolhouse Merlischachen

The top floor of the school building “Merlischachen” has been remodelled to a kindergarten.
TOPAKUSTIK® planks are a simple and practical way to improve acoustical absorption.

We have updated the ECO-Melamine Range of finishes available.
There are now 10 different melamine surface finishes to choose from:
The decors Oak, Ash, Acacia and Thermo exhibit a natural structure that feels like real wood.
The decors Maple, Beech, Walnut and Cherry exhibit a surface that is extra matt, which follows a second current trend.
Finally a White and Grey decor complete the new selection palette.

Please take a look at our new offerings: Datasheet.

Säntis – hotel and restaurant Schwägalp

“Säntis – the hotel”, is as the name suggests, at the foot of the Säntis on the Schwägalp at 1,350 meters above sea level. The Säntis itself is 2’502m above sea level and with an astonish view into the Swiss-Alps which has made him a popular excursion destination in the region of Lake Constance.
We could provide the Carpenter Company AAK the white-painted ceiling for the small saloon and the oak veneered wall panelling for the main restaurant. All products are manufactured with our TOPPERFO® Micro product. The walls show local designs and are a real eye-catcher.

University of Sidney, School of Business AU

TOPAKUSTIK® – Planks, type 29/3 M in many different shades of grey were chosen to line the walls for some of the auditorium/lecture theatres in the new development.
Speech intelligibility, acoustic performance and comfort as well as a beautiful finish were all on the list of requirements for the prestigious Project in the Abercrombie Precinct. NH Akustik + Design AG were able to meet the brief and the result was extremely effective.

Airport Zurich – Swiss Lounge

The architectural company Greutmann Bolzern AG wrote in a statement about the Swiss Lounge: “A transit stay should leave nothing to be desired and should be a special experience that will be remembered as a pleasant memory.” We’ve been selected to supply the ceiling for this very accomplished object with the TOPPERFO® T 16/16/10-4 ceiling in dark oak. The special forms of furniture are reflecting in the sound-absorbing ceiling, thanks to the white painted finish. We think that the transit-stay in the Swiss Lounge at Zurich Airport is now a noise absorbing design beauty.


UMBC – Performing Arts Center, USA

Hôtel de Région d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux Cedex FR

Restaurant La Squadra, Neuenkirch

New Doha International Airport

Baku Sports Hall, Azerbaijan

Regionale Schule Ost, Neubrandenburg DE

Restaurant Eienwäldli, Engelberg CH

Standard & Poor’s Offices Dubai

CDG 29 Centre De Gestion de la fonction publique territoriale du Finistère

50 years jubilee for Walter Gasser at n’H Akustik + Design AG in Lungern!

Employees meeting and distinction of employees of n’H Akustik + Design AG and neue Holzbau AG, Lungern

Academia BAI, Luanda, Angola

Carree EnviCon, Tullnau, Nürnberg (DE)

Cantina Caverna, Lungern, CH

Cantina Caverna, Lungern, CH

Main Auditorium – RTA H.Q., Dubai, UAE

New: TOPPERFO® Graphic

Property report on the new Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Interior in Stuttgart

Binagadi auditorium, Baku, Aserbaidschan

Project Reeuwijk, Netherlands

Technologiepark in Tübingen-Reutlingen, Germany

Geciter in Neuilly sur Seine, Paris

Livingroom-kitchen, Gonten, Switzerland

Westminster College, London

Synthes Zuchwil, Switzerland

Third Place at the SVC Entrepreneur Award of Central Switzerland 2012

TOPAKUSTIK® in the highest building of the world - Burj Khalifa Dubai